lex; got that whole one man band thing on lock

aim: blacklisted.lex

DISCLAIMER: this is just RPG i am NOT lexus amanda

mal3ficentxx replied to your post: mal3ficentxx replied to your post:i ha…

;-; Headaches are the worse, suffering isn’t allowed.

very true, they make me not want to do anything at all with my day :(


yes pls this would be much appreciated 

i have such a bad headache fml

Anonymous:Best sexual experience?

fhjfdhjkd i can’t think of it just off the top of my head damn

Anonymous:Favorite sexual activity?

big fan of foreplay, especially so if it’s oral.

what are clothes anyway?


hickeys are gross i want ten

I came out to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now

like this if i can affectionately harass you on aim ??? ?